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Abductor and Adductor

Abductor and Adductor

This machine combines leg abduction and leg adduction machines. Leg abduction/adduction are both isolated exercises. Leg abductor targets the outer thigh and glute. Leg adductor machines oppose the leg abductors, isolating the inner thighs. This machine will help you build up muscle strength in your thighs and glutes. The ergonomic seat will guarantee comfort during your workout.

Technical characteristics:

Pulley: Nylon, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS
Cable: Steel cable ø3.5 jacketed with PVC ø5.5mm outside diameter
Back cover: steel sheet
Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather

Build up measurements:

1710*810*1490 mm.

N.W. 124 kg.

G.W. 140 kg.

Weight stack: 68 kg.

For commercial use


Moving parts, cables and leather - one year

Frame and metal parts - lifetime

  • Brand: Impulse
  • Product Code: 46168
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 3,710.00лв.