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Incline Chest Press

Incline Chest Press

The Incline Chest Press machine from Impulse Fitness provides a great workout for the upper chest muscles. The movement is similar to the incline bench press only performing it on a plate loaded machine prevents the risk of injuries, giving you the feel of using free weight. The ergonomic design and the applied advanced biomechanics help distribute weight equally so you don’t overstress joints and have a comfortable workout. This machine is designed for commercial use suitable for both beginners and advancers.

Technical characteristics:

Tubing: 2.5*50mm*100mm square

Frame double painted

Color: red and black

Stuffing: PU foam with synthetic leather

Color: black

Build up measurements:

1900*1520*1780 mm.

N.W. 184 kg.

G.W. 195 kg.

For commercial use


Leather - one year

  • Brand: Impulse
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