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IMPULSE Cable machines | Gym stations

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2 Stack Cable Crossover

Frame: 50 x 100 mm, 3 mm (thickness)Frame color: GreyTechnical specifications:Dimentions:5710 x 890 ..


4 Stack Station

Full commercial grade 4 Stack Multi-Station from Impulse Fitness. This machine allows users to work ..


5 Stack Multi-Station

Frame: 50 x 100 mm, 3 mm (thickness)Frame color: GreyUpholstery color: GreyTechnical specifications:..


8 Stack Multi -station

Frame: 50 x 100 mm, 3 mm (thickness)Frame color: GreyUpholstery color: GreyTechnical specifications:..


Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley

The Impulse IT Range consists of high quality commercial products. The IT Adjustable Hi / Lo Pulley'..


Cable Crossover

The IT Cable Crossover machine from Impulse Fitness provides an opportunity for intense upper-body w..


Cable Crossover Traditional (Connection Piece)

Used to connect 2 pcs of 46175 (Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley) or/and 46187 (4 Stack Statio..


Dual Adjustable Pulley

Full commercial grade Dual Adjustable Pulley (Functional Trainer) from Impulse Fitness. Twin weight ..


IMPULSE Cable machines | Gym stations

Impulse Health Tech Co.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. With over 35 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 18 years as a manufacturer of fitness equipment for other  fitness brands, Impulse Fitness offers a wide array of functional home, light commercial and commercial fitness equipment. All of the brand`s equipment is built to be innovative, functional, durable and stylish.

IT is the Impulse Fitness flagship strength training product line. The IT line is a high quality commercial series consisting of 50 models that can accommodate all your workout needs. The user friendly design makes working out more effective and comfortable.