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IMPULSE IT93 Series | Weight stack

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Core-abdominal exercises are a crucial part of any serious fitness regime, however toning and streng..


Abductor and Adductor

This machine combines leg abduction and leg adduction machines. Leg abduction/adduction are both iso..


Arm Curl

The biceps curl machine is suitable for ladies and begginers, who don`t have so much power to work o..


Butterfly Chest

The chest butterfly exercise is one of the most effective workouts to tone up your chest and associa..


Chest Press

The seated chest press machine, is comfortable for your body while allowing you to lift heavier weig..



The Glute machine is one of the best ways for isolating the glutes. The great thing about these mach..


Incline Chest Press

Technical characteristics: Pulley: Nylon, ø106x20mm, with sealed bearing 6202RS Cable: Steel cable ..


Lat Pull

The lat pull-down machine is a popular stop even for weightlifters who prefer free weights, suitable..


Lat Pulldown / Vertical Row

This dual-function machine combines lat pulldown and vertical row, both exercises targeting mainly t..


Lateral Raise

The main muscle worked in machine lateral raises is your lateral deltoids which are one of three del..


Leg Extension

The leg extension is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the quadricep..


Leg Extension/ Leg Curl

This machine combines leg curl and leg extension which are both isolation exercises targeting the th..


Leg Press

The leg press is one of the basic lower body exercises, targeting glutes, hamstrings and quads. Leg ..


Pec Fly / Rear Delt

Pec Fly / Rear Delt Machine chest muscles or  rear delts. This professional machine engages the..


Rotary Calf

The Rotary Calf machine is designed specifically for working out the calves. Resistance is provided ..


IMPULSE IT93 Series | Weight stack

Impulse Health Tech Co.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. With over 35 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 18 years as a manufacturer of fitness equipment for other  fitness brands, Impulse Fitness offers a wide array of functional home, light commercial and commercial fitness equipment. All of the brand`s equipment is built to be innovative, functional, durable and stylish.

IT is the Impulse Fitness flagship strength training product line. The IT line is a high quality commercial seriaes consisting of 50 models that can accommodate all your workout needs. The user friendly design makes working out more effective and comfortable.