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IMPULSE SL Series | Free weight hammer

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Abdominal | Plate loaded

Technical specification:Frame colour: red and blackUpholstery colour: blackDimensions:&nbs..


Biceps curl



Chest Press

The Impulse Chest Press part of the SL plate loaded line is one of the best opportunities for traini..


Decline Bench SL



FI Bench

Easily adjusted from Flat to Incline bench this piece of professional fitness equipment will provide..


FID Bench

This multi-functional bench from Impulse Fitness will provide you with a wide variety of training op..


Flat Bench



Full Rack

Technical characteristics: Tubing: 2.5*50mm*100mm square Frame: double painted Color: red a..


Glute Ham Bench

The multi-functional bench from Impulse is a professional piece of fitness equipment enabling the us..


Hack Squat

The hack squat is a base exercise for developing a strong lower body, targeting the hamstrings, quad..


Hack Squat



Half Rack

Technical characteristics: Tubing: 2.5*50mm*100mm square Frame double painted Color: red an..


Incline Bench SL



Incline Chest Press

The Incline Chest Press machine from Impulse Fitness provides a great workout for the upper chest mu..


Incline Row

The Incline Row or T Arm machine is one of the best exercises for developing the back muscles. Perfo..


IMPULSE SL Series | Free weight hammer

Impulse Health Tech Co.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. With over 35 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 18 years as a manufacturer of fitness equipment for other  fitness brands, Impulse Fitness offers a wide array of functional home, light commercial and commercial fitness equipment. All of the brand`s equipment is built to be innovative, functional, durable and stylish.

SL is the Impulse Fitness high quality, commercial, plate loaded equipment series. Robust, effective and aesthetically appealing, this professional plate loaded line consists of 23 professional machines, designed to create the feeling of using free weights. The application of advanced biomechanics ensures that equipment follows the body's physiological movement to help keep the user safe from injury. Minimum maintenance is required for commercial applications.