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WEST GYM FE has in-depth experience in delivering and installing commercial and residential fitness and gym equipment, from single-pieces through to a whole gym’s worth of fitness equipment.

The process of preparing, moving and installing fitness equipment requires specific knowledge and skills, so it can be done as efficiently and safely as possible. Many sites require individual approach for carrying equipment in and out. Since the machines are very heavy and hard to move around they need to be disassembled and reassembled or handled in a specific way so anything or anybody doesn't get damaged.

Proper installation of cardio and strength equipment prevents future safety and operational problems.


You work out hard and so does your fitness equipment. You would regularly check the oil on your car for example, why not the running belt on your theadlill then? Maintaining fitness equipment is important as there are a lot of moving parts that must work together.

Through regular fitness equipment maintenance our technicians will notice most issues before they break and stop small problems from becoming big problems. Our aim is to ensure your equipment is in safe working order and functioning at optimal levels.

Regular fitness equipment maintenance will:

  • Lower costs by identifying issues before they become expensive repairs
  • Increase fitness equipment lifespan by preventing excessive wear
  • Minimize fitness equipment downtime by finding problems before they occur

Since every gym is different we tailor maintenance schedules according to your specific needs, budget and working hours or will carry out maintenance service visits based on individual requests.


Our team specializes in repairing professional fitness equipment of most top brands - Life Fitness, Technogym, Precor including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers and strength equipment.Fitness equipment downtime is expensive for you and frustrating for your clients.
Our technicians will visit your gym or fitness facility and diagnose the issues with your machines and let you know what equipment parts are needed and the cost of repairing your fitness equipment. Or if you prefer you can bring your broken fitness equipment to our shop.In order to get your fitness equipment up and running as soon as possible, we do attempt to bring all necessary replacement parts based on customer’s description of problem. We keep in stock most of the commonly used equipment spares plus our network of major fitness equipment manufacturers lets us quickly supply the necessary additional parts.

Some of our additional customized services include: re-upholstering, re-cabling of strength training equipment, welding and refinishing of painted steel frames.


WEST GYM FE can help you with the design of your new gym, from the layout and machine positioning to picking up the most suitable machines.

There are many factors to consider when putting together a fitness facility, planning for them in early stages will help you save time and money:

  • How many pieces of fitness equipment can you fit into the space - which ones to choose and which ones to leave out, which ones are essential and which ones you can add later?
  • Do you have enough space for the number of users that are projected?
  • What type of gym flooring will be needed for the different areas?
  • Does the space meet the electrical requirements and placement of electrical outlets?


WEST GYM FE refurbishes strength and cardio fitness equipment of most top brands - Life Fitness, Technogym, Precor. Our team will make used machines look brand new!

Refurbishment of cardio equipment is completely disassembled and cleaned. All moving parts, bearings, belts, as well as software and electrical parts are replaced. Metal frames are sandblasted and powder coated in the colour of your choice. Machine is then reassembled and tested. 

Refurbishment of strength equipment includes replacing moving parts and hardware, re-cabling, sandblasting and powder coating in the colour of your choice, re-upholstering in the colour of your choice.

We can complete the whole process from extracting the equipment from your fitness facility, transporting it to our workshop and then re-assembling it again at your facility once completed.